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Why It Is Important to Treat and Fix an Open Bite

Are you or your loved one dealing with an open bite? We understand that it may seem minor compared to dental issues like teeth overcrowding.

However, failing to address open bite can have aesthetic and functional consequences that can affect your oral health and general well-being. In this article, we'll discuss why treating and fixing an open bite is essential and the treatment options available.

What is an open bite?

If your top and bottom teeth do not touch when you close your mouth, you have a malocclusion called open bite.

When the mouth is shut, and there is a noticeable gap in the front teeth, it is known as an anterior open bite. In some cases, the gap is on the side between the molars and premolars. This type of open bite is posterior.

Regardless of the type of open bite you have, a professional orthodontist can correct the problem.

What causes open bites?

Several factors lead to the development of open bites. They include:

  • Genetics

  • Thumb sucking

  • Prolonged use of pacifier

  • Tongue thrusting

  • Skeletal issues

Why it is important to treat and fix an open bite

Improved eating

Have you tried biting into a sandwich with upper and lower teeth that can't touch? It can be frustrating. It's also difficult to chew food when the molars and premolars don't meet. By fixing your open bite, you will be able to eat food properly, preventing digestion issues.

Better speech

It's a challenge communicating clearly and confidently with an open bite. You speak with a lisp and have difficulty pronouncing certain words. Correcting an open bite restores your speaking ability, enabling you to express yourself clearly and with confidence in any situation.

Enhanced aesthetics

An open bite can lead to low confidence and self-esteem, negatively impacting personal and professional relationships. With a new, perfect smile, your confidence and self-esteem get a boost, ensuring a happier you.

Better oral health

As your teeth do not come in contact as they should, there's uneven wear and tear. Other dental issues like tooth decay also arise. Fixing open bite prevents dental problems and ensures the teeth touch properly for an even wear.

Treatment options for correcting an open bite

While an open bite causes low self-esteem, eating issues, speech difficulty, and other issues, the good news is that the right orthodontic treatment can treat and fix it.

During your first visit at Brunswick Valley Orthodontics, we'll assess the cause of your open bite, age, and the extent of the issue to determine the appropriate treatment.

We can recommend braces or Invisalign, a clear aligner, to help you shift your teeth into the correct position. In severe cases, you may need jaw surgery to correct an open bite. In children, certain appliances can correct open bites as their jaws and mouths are still developing.

Take action today for a beautiful, confident smile

If you are dealing with an open bite, you don't want to simply move on and live with the condition. In addition to the low confidence and self-esteem, an open bite will affect your oral health and interfere with your everyday activities.

If your child has an open bite, the right time to schedule an appointment is now, as treatment is easier. We'll create a customized treatment plan so you can enjoy a beautiful, confident smile for years to come.


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