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Straight Teeth Being Examined at a Consultation


Embracing Teledentistry in Central Jersey

We all had to adjust to the new challenges of the pandemic. This is especially true for us in the healthcare field. That's why we've implemented Dental Monitoring as a way to stay connected with our patients even when we can't be there in person.

Dental Monitoring allows us to review progress via photos taken from our patients' cell phones. We can see if they're brushing and flossing correctly, assess the progress of their treatment, and answer questions they may have between appointments.

We've also set up a virtual consultation for those who'd like to start treatment but don't want to come into our office. All they need to do is text us a few photos of their smile, and our orthodontic experts can provide potential treatments and estimated costs.

Although nothing beats an in-person appointment, these options make it easier for us to stay connected with our patients while also helping them get the care they need. We're so glad that we can still serve them even when they can't visit us in-office!

White, Straightened Teeth Being Examined During an Appointment

Schedule A Free Invisalign or Braces Consultation Today!

At Brunswick Valley Orthodontics, our orthodontist takes pride in delivering the best care possible. However, we're not just one of NJ's premier orthodontic services, we're also one of its most affordable providers! You want the smile of your dreams and, with our low prices, we make that dream accessible by helping patients cut costs and save big on their orthodontic treatment.

Our team of dental care professionals has proven its effectiveness time and time again, having helped countless individuals correct their orthodontic issues, including mild to severe teeth crowding, crooked bottom teeth, gapped smiles, overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites, and so much more.


To get the smile you've always wanted, choose a dental group that is backed by proven results; Brunswick Valley Orthodontics. Make your appointment today - the first consultation is on us!

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