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Protect Your Kid's Braces and Smile With Mouthguards in New Jersey

If you have a brace-wearing kid in New Jersey who is active and loves sports, you have to take special care to protect their orthodontic treatment. Exposure to high-impact activities can result in accidents that can damage the braces and set them back in treatment. 

An orthodontic mouthguard, a special shield for their braces, can provide extra protection, allowing them to enjoy their activities without compromising the progress of their orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic mouthguards: protecting braces and nurturing healthy smiles

Braces can be vulnerable to damage during physical activities, and an unexpected impact to the mouth can cause cuts, bruises, or severe harm to the lips, gum, or tongue. Using mouthguards is essential to prevent unexpected injuries. 

Along with regular check-ups and good teeth cleaning habits, mouthguards can ensure your child's braces work well and help their teeth become straight.

Why are mouthguards vital for active kids with braces?

Whether your braces-wearing kid loves baseball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, or basketball, mouthguards can safeguard their orthodontic device and reduce the risks of dental injuries. With mouthguards, your kid can pursue their interest with passion and confidence. 

  • Braces protection: An accidental fall or collision with another player can cause severe damage to braces. Wires may be bent out of place, and ties may snap. Mouthguards are especially helpful for anyone who wears braces. 

  • Extra protection while playing: What could have been a game-ending situation with an emergency visit to the orthodontist becomes something your kid can easily walk away from, as the mouthguard absorbs most of the impact. 

  • Prevents the need for expensive injury treatment: Mouthguards significantly reduce the risk of damaging the teeth, cheeks, lips, tongue, and brackets if a face injury occurs. If a mouthguard is not worn, treatment to repair the teeth, soft tissue, or orthodontic appliances can be extensive and expensive.

Choosing between custom and over-the-counter mouthguards

When choosing mouthguards for kids with braces, there's a big difference between custom-made ones and those you can buy at the store. 

Custom mouthguards

Custom mouthguards have these characteristics:

  • Precise fitting: Custom mouthguards are made by experts who take special care to fit them perfectly to your child's mouth. They use detailed molds of the teeth, so the mouthguard fits just right and gives the best protection for the braces and mouth.

  • Durability and adequate protection: Custom mouthguards are durable and made to fit your child's unique teeth and braces, which not only keeps them safer but also makes them more comfortable to wear during activities.

Also, because they're customized, the orthodontist can consider your child's dental situation and ensure the mouthguard does not interfere with their braces treatment.

Over-the-counter mouthguards

Store-bought mouthguards are easy to find but aren't made to fit anyone in particular. Since they're not customized, they might not cover the braces well or fit properly. This could make them less effective at protecting the braces when your child is playing sports or being active.

How to get a custom-fitted mouthguard for your child in New Jersey

To get a customized mouthguard for your child:

  • Schedule a consultation with a professional orthodontist. 

  • The orthodontist will take a customized impression to serve as a model for your child’s mouthguard

  • Attend the fitting appointment with your child to have the mouthguard correctly installed

  • Go for regular checkups to ensure that the mouthguard is in good condition and doing its protective work

Protect your kid’s braces and smile in New Jersey today

Your child's smile deserves the best care possible. Investing in an orthodontic mouthguard ensures their journey toward a beautifully aligned smile remains uninterrupted, and getting help from us at Brunswick Valley Orthodontics is the way to go. Schedule a consultation today!


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