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Straight Teeth Being Examined at an Appointment


Save Time and Money with Fewer In-Person Appointments

At our office, we combine the convenience of virtual orthodontic treatment with the quality care that only comes from seeing an orthodontist in person.

The Benefits of Dental Monitoring

One of the biggest concerns people have about getting braces or Invisalign is how much time they’ll spend going to the orthodontist for checkups.

With Dental Monitoring, the number of in-person appointments is greatly reduced while the level of care remains extremely high. Instead of visiting the office for every appointment, patients submit photos of their progress, which the Milnor team reviews. Then we send feedback and any suggestions we have for improving treatment.

Dental Monitoring also allows patients to ask our orthodontic experts questions about their treatment without scheduling an appointment.

Not only do virtual consultations with Dental Monitoring reduce the number of trips to the office, they also can reduce how long a patient has braces or Invisalign, because it’s easier to keep treatment on track.

Telehealth Orthodontics

How Dental Monitoring Works

Using this teledentistry tool is easy!

  • Receive a notification from our office that it’s time for a virtual appointment.

  • Attach your cellphone to the DM Scanbox and scan your teeth.

  • Submit the scan and any questions or concerns you may have right from your phone.

  • Await any further instructions from Dr. D'Avanzo.

With Dental Monitoring, you’ll spend less time at our office and more time living your life while improving your smile. Schedule a virtual consultation with our orthodontic experts to learn more today!

Dental Monitoring ScanBox
White, Straightened Teeth Being Examined During a Consultation

Schedule A Free Invisalign or Braces Consultation Today!

At Brunswick Valley Orthodontics, our orthodontist takes pride in delivering the best care possible. However, we're not just one of NJ's premier orthodontic services, we're also one of its most affordable providers! You want the smile of your dreams and, with our low prices, we make that dream accessible by helping patients cut costs and save big on their orthodontic treatment.

Our team of dental care professionals has proven its effectiveness time and time again, having helped countless individuals correct their orthodontic issues, including mild to severe teeth crowding, crooked bottom teeth, gapped smiles, overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites, and so much more.


To get the smile you've always wanted, choose a dental group that is backed by proven results; Brunswick Valley Orthodontics. Make your appointment today - the first consultation is on us!

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